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Being a Wedding Photographer is the easiest job in the World!

I wish I could see Pamela Bloes face when she reads the title of this Blog! In truth, I’ve never really thought about what being a Wedding Photographer entails. Turn up, take a few snaps, tell people where to stand – simple! So, when the lovely Pamela Bloe asked me if I’d like to be her glamorous assistant for the day I thought it would be a bit of fun if nothing else! Pamela wanted me to spend the day with her while she shot the wedding of Amanda and Ciaran and then blog about my experience. What I discovered was a whole new appreciation for Photographers and a realisation of just how important it is to book a photographer you are 100% comfortable with!

When we arrived at Amanda’s parents’ home in Falcarragh we got straight to work – no messing with Pamela. It’s amazing how quickly the morning goes! While everyone was busy getting ready, having the chats and eating the all-important breakfast, Pamela was quietly working away in the background getting the ‘detail’ shots of all the little bits and pieces Amanda had put together. You will hear more about the amount of effort that Amanda went to in my next blog but lets just say she gave Pamela plenty of inspiration to work with!

When Pamela announced to the Bridal Party that she needed them all outside for photos, everyone including myself assumed that we were going to the lovely front garden but instead we were guided up the nearby country lane!  So here we all were in the middle of outback Donegal with the girls in their PJs and popping a bottle of bubbly, everyone laughing their heads off and enjoying the randomness of the moment. Looking at Pamela I could see the smile on her face as her vision came to life and she got some great natural shots of the girls smiling and laughing.

What surprised me most about the day was that there was actually very little staging and directing involved. Pamela has a unique way of capturing an ordinary moment and making it look amazing! The Bride and Groom wanted to go to Horn Head in Dunfanaghy for their photos, my God – what a backdrop. With Amanda and Ciaran totally up for anything and a raring to go Bridal Party we landed ourselves in the middle of every hedge, bog and bit of overgrown countryside that Pamela could find. At times I thought ‘she’s taking a hand outta me’ but when I saw the shots she captured from Horn Head I was blown away! At one stage poor Ciaran was carrying Amanda and I was left to sink in the bog while trying to keep Amanda’s dress clean lol


Every Wedding I’ve attended has involved lots of hanging around for the guests, and I’ve often thought that the Bridal Party must be so fed up getting their photo taken. But what I found was that the time just disappears and with Pamela, it was so much fun. The relaxed atmosphere meant that the photos flowed and the results are amazing. I think that having a photographer that has experience and comes recommended is one of the most important things to consider, but also make sure you meet them in person and that you have a connection. Amanda and Ciaran gave Pamela 100% trust and control, they knew they had hired a professional who would capture their day perfectly and they let her do just that.


Before the big day Pamela and I joked that we are too alike work together as we are both naturally bossy and like to be in control! To be honest I was a little concerned but on the day itself I fell into line and did as I was told as seeing Pamela ‘in the zone’ was a real eye opener. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get the best from people. Her natural style and relaxed demeanour is just what you need around you on your Wedding Day. The attention to detail is amazing and she goes to great lengths to delve into the personalities of the couple so she can portray that personality in her photos.

At the end of the day and following a well-earned dinner and glass of wine, Pamela presented me with a gift for all my hard work! Her warmth, kindness and thoughtfulness shone through in the gifts and her attention to detail was lovely. If she would go to that much trouble for little old me then I can only imagine the true effort the puts into the finished product for each couple.

You will look back at your photos for years to come and want to remember the process as fondly as the memory the image portrays. Your Wedding Photographer is kinda for life so choose wisely!

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